Welcome to Bluehook

We design and build custom software for your data centric applications. Based on our Vision platform we can quickly model your data to produce applications that allow you to visualize and maintain your information.

This allows us to rapidly prototype new applications, be it desktop, web or mobile apps.

With our framework it is easy to create roles and assign permissions allowing the right people access to the right data.

We can add custom functionality to do more in depth validations based on related values, logged in person’s roles, statuses of the current record etc. as well as automation of workflows, automated emails, integration into back end systems etc.

The great thing about having locally developed software is that you can have it customised to suit your business perfectly.

Let us know what kind of apps you need and we’ll get back to you with a proof of concept.

Users of our catalog software can enter the portal here:

Some screenshots of what we've done before (click to view)